BeFem, feminist summer games 2017 - Program & announcments

17th June 2017.

DC Oktobar
Podcast Workshop

Podcast workshop with Amie Bramme Sey and Fanna Ndow Norrby who produce and host their podcast Raseriet, a Swedish podcast about pop culture, feminism and race issues in Sweden.

Amie Bramme Sey and Fanna Ndow Norrby

18th June 2017.

KC Grad

12.15‒13.45 UP
Playsure ‒ the Expert's Guide to Erotic Toys and Great Sex 

Swedish sex expert Marika Smith gives a fun, hands-on and educational workshop on erotic pleasure and sex toys, homemade as well as store bought. Learn about your body’s pleasure points and new ways of making love, with or without a partner of any gender. Feel free to bring questions about sex for Marika to answer, there are plenty of room for discussion.

Marika Smith 

14.00‒14.45 DOWN
Vagina Dialogues: Women and Gynecology

Health and individual health aren’t only medical, but also economic and political issues where patriarchate and capitalism work together, especially in the field of gynecology. A female body is exposed to various forms of violence, from the economic inaccessibility to various health services to the deprivation of women of their subjectivity during different examinations, interventions and delivery. Erasing their identity is the most radical when it comes to the treatment of women with disabilities. Their position, as the most extreme in the context of the continuum of violence, will be given special attention.

Participants: Milica Batričević, Milesa Milinković, Aleksandra Novakov

Moderator: Jana Šarić

15.00‒15.45 DOWN
Women, Prisons and Closed Systems 

Social institutions, even the repressive ones, are shaped to fit the needs of men. Compared with the male population in prisons, psychiatric institutions and refugee camps, women almost always make a minority, and even when they don’t, women and their needs remain invisible. They are double discriminated – first as women and then as women deprived of freedom for various reasons. We will talk about the real needs of these invisible women from prisons, refugee camps and psychiatric institutions, and about the ways these institutions make them even more invisible.

Participants: Sanja Dojkić, Katarina Ficko, Ivana Bogićević Leko

Moderator: Isidora Petrović

15.00‒15.45 GARDEN

Wandering the streets of Belgrade, through the wonders of photography we will discover how much attention we pay to all the little details around us that in so many ways define who we are and how we perceive the world. And, of course, make a bunch of cool Instagram photos #instagrad #befem2017

Workshop facilitator: Kornelija Sabo

16.00‒16.45 UP
Black Woman ‒ Strategies for Resisting Racism 

In 2014 Fanna Ndow Norrby created the Instagram account @SvartKvinna (Black Woman) in order to show how racism against black women shows itself in Sweden of today. The response was massive – in just one day the account got more than 10 000 followers. In 2015 the account was turned into an anthology with the same title. This lecture focuses on the communicative and anti-racist strategies that were used to create awareness around what is so innocently called every-day-racism, but is actually about fundamental issues on the right to exist.

Fanna Ndow Norby

17.00-17.45 GARDEN
“Cool for the Summer” DJ Jam Session with Jelena Memet

 17.45‒18.30 GARDEN
Artistic Talk With Lovers

Within the Artistic Talk at this year’s BeFem we’ll get to meet the collective Lovers from Zagreb. We will discuss the link between science and art, and will try to find why is their work focused on the astronomy, and where does their search for extraterrestrial life forms start and where does it end. The reason for calling themselves Lovers will reveal the feminist perspective of their work.

Representative of  Lovers: Luana Lojić

Moderator: Maja Marković

18.00‒18:45 UP
Climate and Gender Related Changes

Climate changes are the reality of the 21st century, and a complex balance needed to reach more sustainable development of the society and economy certainly has to include the existing gender relations. Current debate on environment and climate changes, however politically shaped, cannot overlook the existing economic and social inequalities. What kind of policies and management of social and ecologic processes are needed in order to achieve gender equality and sustainable development? How does the current debate on climate changes look like? To what extent climate changes are a gender issue? To what extent climate changes present issues of public health?

Talk to the professor Marija Jevtić and Jasminka Young will be moderated by Paola Petrić and Damjan Rehm Bogunović from Heinrich Boell Foundation.

18.00‒19.00 DOWN
Death Threats and Glitter

Let's talk about the bullshit pornography contribute with, how courage could help us end rape culture and how you stand up for yourself and go your own way!

With Linnéa Claeson, creator of the Instagram account Assholesonline

19.00‒20.00 UP
Belly dance workshop “I don't need a revolution if I can't dance”

The performance duration: 30 minutes (workshops can last up to 2 hours)
It is intended for women of absolutely all age groups, regardless of their previous experience. Description: Through the patriarchate women are taught to distance themselves from their own bodies, to look for their imperfections, not to be pleased with what they are, not to put themselves first, not to own themselves, and all of that creates a social setting that requires women to keep silent when they are experiencing something bad. They teach us to hide our bodies (whether by secluding them into private spaces or by the clothes we wear – in order to get protected by violence), and thus create a society where women take the responsibility for the violence they suffer, which is wrong. The revolution starts with the statement: “I own my body, my body belongs to me!” – and that’s the core of this performance.
In the introductory part of the performance, the teacher will present us the history of female dance and explain why she choose dance for the purpose of raising our awareness and accepting ourselves. Then she will explain the moves to the performance participants and together with them will repeat some of the moves, accompanied with the music, words and sentences, while going through the 5 cycles needed to reach the awareness of our bodies, in order to accept ourselves as we are at the time being.

19.15‒20.00 DOWN
Beer, Punk and Women 

Freedom to create, freedom to be successful, freedom to not be successful, freedom to be who you are.

 Patti Smith

It’s just the right time to talk about women in punk history, our role models and inspirations, but even more about current, new young local and foreign punkers. They create and play the music in spite of the obstacles imposed onto them by the patriarchal, but also capitalist and petty bourgeois society which does not celebrate but restrains authenticity, diversity, rebellion and individuality. What’s the position of the alternative music scene and of women within it, what are the strategies of rebellion, intervention and change?

And where’s punk, there’s beer. Brave and unconventional intrusions into “male territory” will be discussed also on the example of beer brewing, and we invite all those with similar “abnormal” ideas or great examples to join our discussion.

Participants: Selena Simić, Leila Šeper, Aleksandra Nikšić

Moderator: Tatjana Nikolić

 20.00‒20.30 GARDEN
#InstaCity on walls KC Grad

20.30‒21.00  DOWN
"Revolution and Freedom Dance ‒ Women (belly) Dance" Vedrana Frašto

21.15‒22.00 DOWN
Antiwar Music Performance by Jasmina Tešanović

The centenary of world war one in 2014 made me think about the war songs all around the world, especially first world war. I realized that they were written always from a men's point of view, meaning a soldier' s point of view,  and most of them were nationalist and bellic. I decided to rewrite them from a  woman' s point of view, as international, pacifist crossover musical concept. I chose the famous songs from a  country/language I was traveling through and I rewrote the lyrics performing with the local bands in different genres. The songs were produced by different artists with whom I collaborated. These songs were not over produced in the studio and are meant to be easily performed all over the world by other people.

22.15‒23.00 DOLE
Vocal group NO LIMIT

"NO LIMIT" is a vocal group from Sarajevo founded in 2014. Its members are educated musicians who do arrangements of various musical genres and their own songs in a unique way. They have had a lot of successes at concerts in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad, and have a lot of views of their YouTube channel videos. Members performing at BeFem festival in Belgrade will be Alen Hadžić Morris, Ajsela Zoronjić, Negra Čičić and Andrea Krasnić.

23.15‒00.00 DOLE
DJ set ‒ DJ Finci

Hi, I am Ivana Finci. Girl who does not promise – but fulfills. I write slowly for the ones who can’t read fast. Dancing on one leg while the other stands still. One hands pumps intensely and the other fills with enthusiasm. In my free time I am a music conductor. Will play the dance music rhythm (cause it is the only rhythm there is).

Also on BeFem Festival 2017 

IMpractical Women

Craft cooperative Impractical Women got its name in 2016, and was created in 2000, gathering women, men and others from different parts of the country (Zemun, Zrenjanin, Vranje, Novi Beograd) who dared to make new ABOVE-THE-STOVE-PANELS with one, common goal: to join crafts and creativity in the struggle against patriarchate and violence, for equality, solidarity and the right to express our voices.

IMpractical representatives: Lenka Zelenović (Novi Beograd), Sanja Stamenković (Vranje), Pava Martinović (Zrenjanin) 

FEMIX Corner

This year again BeFem will support the activities and development of programme for affirmation of women's creativity FEMIX. In the FEMIX corner you will get a free copy of the study „Gender Relations at the Alternative Music Scene in Serbia“, published in December 2016 by the Institute for Gender Equality of Vojvodina, and based on the many years of FEMIX activities. You will also learn about the „Anđelka Milić“ award of the Section for Feminist Research and Critical Studies of Masculinities which laureate for 2017 was the FEMIX programme. If you are interested, you will be able to listen and get as a gift the sixth issue of the only local compilation of current female music production Femixeta. Apart from all that, this will be your chance to learn more about the first Rock Camp for Girls in this part of Europe, that will be held in August 2017 on Avala mountain, as well as to get informed on how you can join in and contribute and how can you get girls from your surrounding to take part in this camp.


We are bringing funky, second-hand (that look brand new, though) hot stuff for sale! And they also come at a real bargain price! Where? At BeFem festival! Why? For the feminist philanthropy! And for fun, of course! We are waiting for you by the yard table!
All collected money will this time go to our fund for women’s scholarships “Zarana Papic”

Solidarity Corner

During this time, when the state is withdrawing further and further from society, without providing any system of support, it is crucial that we fight against it, but also to create new spaces of solidarity through various campaigns. Women in closed systems, whether in prisons or immigration centers, as well as Roma women and their children, are just some of the groups that are being excluded. We claim that only together we can take action in change, and therefor this year we are supporting various initiatives related to these women.

Alternative Center in Kraljevo
This year BeFem is standing with AC “Heroj Maričić”, and all the money we collect through sales of BeFem badges will go to this Center.

Heroj Maricic is a unique alternative center in Kraljevo. Heroj Maricic functions on the principles of anti-authoritarianism, solidarity and freedom. Our idea is to gather liberals, antifascists, poets, artists,renegades, members of the marginalized groups and all others in need of space. Throughout various activities-informal gatherings, workshops, cooking(vegetarian/vegan food), we try to represent an alternative to capitalism and consumerism. The principle is simple because Heroj Maricic does not serve as a place to make money and gain profit, but to show all the downsides of such economic relations. It is based on the principles of solidarity and mutual help.Therefore our usual guests are gypsies, who come here to use Internet and get second hand clothes. 

We think that different world is possible; we carry this different world in our hearts. AC Heroj Maricic is our world and we are building it with selfless help of kind people. It is not easy to do this job in conservative and clerical society, such as Kraljevo, but this will not stop us in our goal to make this town a better place for living, for all their citizens, male and female.


"Resetka" is a new initiative, born from a two-year public collection of books for prisons throughout Serbia. Last March, through their Facebook page 'Books for prisoners', this growing community also donated hygienic kits for convicts in Požarevac ‒ the only women's prison in Serbia. In order to continue providing necessary civic help to the country’s correctional facilities, Resetka was created to raise awareness and solutions for this troubling social problem. Since they’ll be visiting the prison in Požarevac again, they’re collecting everything needed by female prisoners - this time with a focus on the needs of the prison’s maternity ward, being: baby diapers (no. 3, 4, 5), baby bottles, baby bottle nipples, baby blankets, shoes size 18‒20, baby clothes, baby walkers, baby soap and shampoo, baby creams and baby food.
If you wish to take part in this public effort, this year at Befem we will support Resetka’s initiative and provide a booth for these donations.

Group 484

In the corner of the Group 484, you can see some of the materials related to our work with women migrants who are placed in immigration centers in Serbia. Since the end of 2013, we regularly worked and hung out with our female friends from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Cameroon, Somalia, Eritrea, Iran, Cuba ... Our workshops are called SOFRA ART and through them we learn from each other about the cultures we come from. Two exhibitions, The Border is closed and The common Denominator, resulted from these workshops, talks and meetings over coffee and Turkish delight.
Also, we will be collecting books in english and also english-german dictionaries.