Befem 2009.

Befem 2009 - Performers

Johanna Palmström and Moa Elf-Karlén have together written two books in Swedish; the first being a feminist survival guide and the second about everyday fear and sisterhood. In 2008 they published an anthology with texts written by young feminist activists. The starting point of all their books is how to be a feminist in everyday life.

Besides their books they have worked as lecturers on feminism in schools, libraries and trade unions. They are also active in the feminist theatre and think tank Lacrimosa.

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BeFem 2009, Program

Politics, Action, Creation

12-13 What's the point of feminism in Serbia today?

Discussion with authors of the anthology "Ko je rekao feminizam?" and other feminist activists in Serbia.
Speakers: Tamara Skrozza (Vreme), Dragana Vuckovic (Labris), Hana Copic (Women in Black), Milica Gudovic (Women at work), Katarina Loncarevic (Centre for Women Studies)
Moderator: Mirjana Mirosavljevic, Reconstruction Women's Fund

13.30-15 Guide to everyday feminism – experiences from Sweden
Johanna Palmström and Moa Elf-Karlén tell about the feminist movement in Sweden in the 21st century – a time of success, generation shift, conflicts and resistance.

Johanna and Moa are authors of two feminist guides and one anthology and founders of the feminist think-tank Lacrimosa.

14-15 Improvisation (textile design)
Workshop with Ivana Cemerikic

15.30-16.30 The story of Martin Blok or How to become a dj
Workshop with Natasa Jovanovic

15.30-17 Break the norm!
Workshop on gender roles and sex(uality) with Frida Darj from the Swedish Youth Federation for LGBT rights.

17:00 The first real women sound (Prvi pravi zenski zvuk), 90 min
Documentary film about the group Boye by director Brankica Draskovic
Guest: Vesna Brankovic, guitar player in Boye

18.45 Lezbajka – a lesbian fairytale, 38 min
Guest: director and actress Biljana Stankovic Lori

19.30 React before it's too late! (Reagujmo dok ne bude kasno!), 20 min
Director: Sascha Fülscher
Guests: Actresses in the on-going street theatre campaign 16 days of activism against violence against women

Body, soul and voice

20.30 Trans-kitchen rhythmic therapy (Act Women, Belgrade and Novi Sad)

21.30 Experimental Harmony Band (Novi Sad)

22.15 Gunilla Baby (Stockholm)

23.00 Elektropionirke (Banja Luka)