BeFem Festival 2018 ‒ Feminist Fighter


After a bit of experimenting and identity explorations, 9th edition of BeFem gets back to its tradition – the first weekend of December is booked for celebration and rethinking of feminist fight! In our practical work we do not stick to the pre-existing patterns, or defined and given forms of political resistances, but praise the ideas of freedom, peace and equality, which we strongly stand for in our daily struggles. In the context of global shrinking of space for civil society activities, and seriously jeopardized freedom and independence of media, rights of marginalized groups are the first to get under attack. Therefore, at this year`s BeFem, we gather all the courageous human right defenders who oppose “Orbanization and Erdoganization” of the society, growing influence of extreme right-wing organizations, nationalism and class divisions. It is clear that this alliance of conservative tendencies is crowned with patriarchal values that cause systematic violence and discrimination against women.

Two days programme is insufficient to point at all the important questions, but is enough to single out few crucial ones. Apart from the discussion with human rights defenders from post-Yugoslav region, we will also underline the growing trend of sexual harassment and violence, and the regression of the legal framework of social protection that directly causes discrimination and deterioration of position of women. Throughout the history of sexism and gender based violence we face with in politics, art and popular culture, feminist movement has played an important role in emancipation and deconstruction of institutional mechanisms that reproduce violence.

All of us gathered around BeFem turn problems into causes for action, so this year we will also mobilize activists of peace, feminist, LGBTIQ and green movement from the post-Yugoslav action in order to show the readiness and willingness of women`s initiatives to protect women`s spaces of struggles and conquering the rights that belong to us. On the 9th BeFem, those who have been with us and grown with us from their feminist beginnings will speak and think with us.

As any other holiday, BeFem will be a place of celebration, but also of presenting artists, performers, women`s bends and DJs.

Through solidarity and appreciation, we will give recognition to all the women`s initiatives that pushed social relations forward throughout history, and support the new forms of struggle for equality. BeFem is a place to strengthen old and make new partnerships, and above all to support each other. We defend ourselves loudly, and protect each other even louder!

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