And now something completely different! Podcast: T’n’T BeFem Talks

Podcast is a new field of communication, so it is important for feminist, media theorist and activists to conquer this space as a new instrument of feminist fight.

Tanja Kalinic and Tina Piskulidis, with technical support of Nada Kostic and with music editor Sanja Dojkic, as separate BeFem unit, have embarked on this media adventure in September of 2017.

What is the main idea behind BeFem Talks? Feminist are often accused of elitism and not being in touch with real women their problems. BeFem podcast through its’ form, much like an open conversation with friends, with laughter, music and emotions is trying to show that it isn’t so. With this podcast we want to shine a light on feminists’ everyday life, everything around us and what makes our lives outside theory and activism, and how it has been influenced our choices and who we are, as well as what we believe in.

First season is almost at its’ end, and the next will start with the beginning of new year, with one live show that will be announced on BeFem social media pages. Those of you who haven’t followed us from the beginning can find all the episodes of T’n’T BeFem Talksa on our MixCloud profile

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New podcast, old women, fresh jokes! Feminst fun powered by Befem!

This podcast is supported by WACC and US embassy.

“Podcast workshop with Fanna Ndow Norrby and Amie Branne Sey from the Swedish podcast “Raseriet””